Category: Illustration

  • Seasons illustrations

    Seasons illustrations

    Some illustrations for the initial release of the Playces app.

  • Veilig Verkeer Nederland

    Veilig Verkeer Nederland

    A whole range of illustrations for an educational series for children on getting from A to B safely in everyday traffic situations.

  • World of Zappelin (4)

    World of Zappelin (4)

    It's summertime in The World of Zappelin, and the pencils head off to the beach!

  • Zapp Your Planet

    Zapp Your Planet

    Short story for a Zapp Your Planet booklet about saving African elephants from poachers.

  • World of Zappelin (3)

    World of Zappelin (3)

    More adventures of the pencils, butterfly, horse, sheep and their friends.

  • World of Zappelin (2)

    World of Zappelin (2)

    It's Red's birthday, Easter and Christmas. Plus: Horse learns how to brush his teeth!

  • World of Zappelin (1)

    World of Zappelin (1)

    Get to know the many colorful characters that inhabit the arts and crafts world of Zappelin!

  • Whales


    Illustrations for the website of the whale exposition at biodiversity center Naturalis.

  • Tasting


    Tasting (2012, written by Esther van Breda) for Zappelin

  • Transportation



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